Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II Airport (PDL)
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(Ponta Delgada, Portugal)

The busiest airport in the Azores, Portugal, Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II Airport (PDL) serves the archipelago's largest island and is situated near the city of Ponta Delgada. The downtown area of Ponta, which is the island's largest city, is less than 3 km / 2 miles east of the airport, while Arrifes, Faja de Baixo, Nordela and Relva are all nearby.

In 2005, the Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II Airport served just over 870,000 passengers and this has increased today to around one million. Its single terminal handles domestic, international and intercontinental flights, with regular flights linking the city to the rest of the Azores, as well as main airports in Funchal, Lisbon, Oporto, Frankfurt and cities in the USA and Canada. The Ponta Delgada Airport has become particularly famous for its art installations and murals, which depict jungle scenes, volcanoes, flowers and also aviation history.

Travel between Ponta Delgada and Joao Paulo II Airport is simple, with both private and public transportation on offer and signposts clearly marking the main road. Taxis are available around the clock and connect many popular destinations throughout the island of San Miguel, including nearby Alagoa, Capelas, Candelaria, Feteiras, Remédios, Ribeira Grande and San Antonio. Also popular is the airport bus, which travels to the Avenida Marginal de Ponta Delgada every hour.

About Ponta Delgada Tourism

The heart of tourism in the Azores, Ponta Delgada is a notable city sited on Portugal's Sao Miguel Island. Ponta Delgada boasts an enormous marina and an abundance of nightlife based around its historic streets, as well as a multitude of public squares. The city hosts three major soccer teams and summer nights attract throngs of people along the seafront at Infante Dom Henrique Avenue.

Joao Paulo II Airport (PDL) lies on the western side of Ponta Delgada and is close to a series of beautiful beaches and coastal attractions. Nearby resorts include Capelas, Faja de Baixo, Feteriras, Relva, Rosta do Cao and Vila Franca.

Contact Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II Airport (PDL):
Address: 9500-749 Ponta Delgada, San Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal
Airport Code: PDL
Tel: +351 296 205 406
Fax: +351 296 286 923
Email: contactar@ana-aeroportos.pt
Ponta Delgada Airport PDL

Ponta Delgada Airport PDL

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